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One Events is a wedding planning company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our mission is simple - execute your dream day.   (In simple terms,  we want to be your sounding board, voice of reason and wedding hype girl all in one.)

Just like the relationship that got you here, we believe this process begins with connection.   When planning your wedding, we not only want to know all the details of your big day, but who you are and what  is truly important to you.     

 What do you do on the weekends?   What is your favorite snack?  What’s your dog’s name?  When we know you we can execute that dream day.   (We’ll tell you about us too - big fans of coffee and donuts and planning your best day ever!)


let's worK

Have you asked yourself any questions like this since you've been engaged?


I don't even know where to start? Venue? Caterer?

Should I have a 1 hour or 2 hour cocktail hour? 

 When do I send out my " Save the Dates?"


Sara and Haley recently coordinated a New Years Eve wedding for our daughter and her fiancé.  They took the time to explore the wishes of the bride, groom, and parents, mediating at times yet building trust with all parties. 


Sara and Haley kept things organized and calm, going the extra mile to expedite plans and revisions with the bride and groom's priorities in mind. 


 We are very grateful to One Events for their integral part in creating these most joyous memories, and a story that will be retold for a lifetime.

— Jacci & John

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