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So did we

just become best friends

Haley Gregoriou & Sarah Starck One Events LLC
Haley Gregoriou & Sara Starck - One Events LLC

Because that’s how it started for us?   We’ve  have spent countless hours together and learning how much we truly love celebrating all big and small moments in life. 

If you ask most of the people in our lives they might say the term “ best friends” is an understatement to say the least.  We've been through the ups and downs  and know we can truly tackle anything together. With Sara's passion for people and Haley's love for logistics and details, One Events was created.



Sara Starck -One Events Co-Founder

Hi!   I'm Sara!


I'm the co-owner and lead planner around here.  My special talent includes starting a conversation with anyone, anytime about anything.  I love extra shots of espresso in my lattes  and bragging about my cute nephews.   I enjoy trying our new recipes and hitting my move goal on my Apple Watch. 

I have 6  years of experience planning weddings. Each wedding has connected me with amazing vendors, sparked new creativity and made me love the logistics and build up to a wedding day.    I can't wait to share all of my knowledge with you.



Co-Founder, Lead Planner

Sara Starck

Haley Gregoriou- One Events Co-Founder

Co-Founder, Lead Planner

Haley Gregoriou

Hey hey! I'm Haley.

I work side by Sara as the Co-Owner and Lead Planner at One Events. 

I love spreadsheets more than the average human should.Neutral colors are my jam. I will never turn down a pickle or cup of coffee no matter the time of day. When I am not planning weddings you can find me snuggled up to a fire reading a book. 

My background in project management and graphic design helps me tap into the creative side of planning a wedding. I am excited to work with you and turn your ideas into reality. 

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